Save Florin!

This blog is about Florin; you can see him in the picture above. He’s that kind of human that always has a smile on his face, even though he’s hurting inside.

Florin is a father of two children (Alex & Andrei), a husband of a loving wife, and an older brother that cares for his family. He’s unique in his ability to help people and comfort anyone in need, even if with just a kind word or a warm hug. Sadly, there’s another thing that makes him unique: a very rare disease – CIDP – that type of medical condition that you never thought would happen to someone you care about.

CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) mainly affects the extremities of one’s body (legs and hands) and acts by numbing them to the point where you are paralyzed and unable to perform any type of action without help from another.

The normal treatment would IVIg or Plasmapheresis. It doesn’t clear the disease, but it makes it less aggressive. However, after each IVIg treatment, Florin feels OK for about 2-3 weeks, after which the symptoms reappear and the disease comes back stronger than before…

The terrible news that he suffers from an extremely rare disease has hit Florin’s morale and shook his entire world. He’s a very strong human being, and he tries to keep calm and act normal in front of his family, but no one really knows how terrifying the feeling is to know that the next morning you might not be able get out of bed or hug your children.

He keeps working (he’s a driver) to provide for his family, although it’s very difficult to drive under these circumstances. Sometimes, he said, he has to use both of his hands to change gears, because he lost power due to his disease.

All of us that love and care for him have decided to help keep an extraordinary human being as alive as anyone of us. We don’t want to miss his hugs; we don’t want to miss his smiles. This is why we beg of you to help us raise the money needed for the transplant.

The cost of the medical procedure itself is 165,000 US dollars and would be completed at the Northwestern University in Chicago, by doctor Richard K. Burt. We barely managed to raise the money needed for transportation and accommodation for the time of the medical procedure, that’s why we desperately seek for any help at all, from anywhere in the world!